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Blend Guatemala, Colombia, Ethiopia & DR Congo Chocolate, subtle berries, caramel, brown sugar, meyer lemon
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Many have asked us about brewing cold brew at home so we decided to release this exact product to make things easy for you to do just that!  Be sure to watch our youtube video for an in depth instructional video for easy brewing!

More about cold brew:

Coffee is awesome, but it's hard to make good coffee at home if you don't have the right equipment... You may try to make a cup of coffee better than the one you get from your Keurig, but it's difficult to replicate the quality of a great café without investing some serious money in home brewing equipment, that is, unless you take a different approach... Solution: Cold brew! If you don't have time for a trip to your favorite local roaster, cold brewing can be done right at home and produces some really tasty results without hardly any gear! It takes longer than other methods (upwards of 24 hours steep time), so this is something you have to plan in advance of wanting to enjoy a cup but with a little work in advance, you can be enjoying quality cold brew all week long from your home fridge!

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review