Ethiopia Tesfaye Doni (Dry Process)

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Elevation Region Info Tastes Like
1900 MASL Dumerso, Yirga Cheffe, Ethiopia Strawberry candy, cacao nib, apricot. (floral aroma)
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A beautiful dry process Ethiopian coffee with heirloom cultivars!

Makes a beatiful pourover as well as a killer and unique espresso!

Tesfaye Doni's modest 1900 meter coffee farm sits just outside the town of Dumerso, within the greater Yirgacheffe region. Due to the regulations on who can export coffee directly, Tesfaye Doni has had to sell his coffee to the government run Ethiopia Commodities Exchange ("ECX"), where it was mixed into regional blends mostly based on physical quality. These regulations were changed 3 years ago, affording farmers like him the opportunity to apply for an export license and work directly with international buyers. With this comes the opportunity to have their coffee represented on its own instead of being lost to full container blends, and ultimately, the hope of a better price based on the quality of their coffee. For us, the added layer of transparency means we can go back and find this same coffee in future harvests too. This is a traditional dry process coffee, meaning the whole coffee cherry is laid to dry on raised beds for upwards of 3 weeks, sometimes more, depending on weather. (cred: Coffee Shrub)



(No reviews yet) Write a Review